Agile and Traditional

Project Management

When it comes to leading and implementing projects, our focus is on the users. With our extensive experience in both traditional (Waterfall, V-Model, etc.) and agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) methodologies, we have the ability to combine the advantages of both worlds and adapt them to the corporate culture of our clients.

Innovation Instead of Stagnation

Web Development

Interested in replacing legacy systems? We revitalize old software with state-of-the-art technologies, enhancing their functionality and user experience. From classic single-page web applications to complex management systems with WebAssembly, we offer a comprehensive range of options for a successful project.

Availability on All Devices

App Development

Whether on a new smartphone or an old computer, we deliver high-quality software that is suitable for any hardware.

Focus on Quality

Test Automation

High code quality is a given in every project for us. With our extensive experience in test automation, we guarantee a high standard and simplified maintainability of our products. This expertise is not meant to be kept a secret, and we also support our clients in planning and implementing test automation.

Swift Response to Requests


We emphasize close collaboration with our clients, and it is important to us that feedback can be incorporated quickly and with high quality. With our solutions for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, we have achieved success not only with our own products but also when introducing them in other companies.