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Innovative IT Basis Monitoring

Author(s): ALPSCALE

Core IT Energy Monitoring

For precise monitoring of your business infrastructure, we rely on solutions that give you exactly the insights you need and are configurable down to the smallest detail. Our energy dashboards enable accurate measurement of energy consumption, including direct low-voltage voltage and current measurements, electric meter data, and water consumption and gas usage.

Our expertise extends to capturing this critical infrastructure data for you and improving your cost efficiency. When specified limits are exceeded, we inform you immediately via your smartphone and indicate the need for action.

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Intelligent operational management

Maintaining a clear overview in an ever-expanding IT infrastructure can be a significant task. We assure you of outstanding user-friendliness through intuitive operation and effective visualization, as well as the option for notification via various channels such as push notifications, SMS and email. Our solution monitors all your devices and ensures proper operation by presenting the current operational status:

monitoring dashboard

Smart Home

We offer suitable software solutions and competent hardware consulting for the control of intelligent lighting, home automation, building monitoring and media control. Every project has its own identity, which we want to reflect in our software. Thanks to customizable user interfaces, you can actively participate in your project. Our range includes a variety of devices that can be seamlessly integrated into your project. We have the ability to interconnect different smart devices to realize a wide range of automation possibilities.

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Starting with the selection of suitable server hardware, connectivity technologies, software stacks, display methods and notification systems, we support you from the initial concept to the final implementation of your solution.

We are at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.

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