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Julian Wissmann's participant portrait of the European Industry 4.0 Career Competition

European Professional Competition Industry 4.0 Competition 2021

Author(s): Julian Wissmann

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From 22-26.9.2021 the European vocational competitions took place in Salzburg ([ES21]( "Euroskills Homepage")). Julian Wissmann was allowed to represent Austria in the presentation competition Industry 4.0 through a pre-qualification at the Austrian National Championships. The competition revolved around the latest technologies in the field of industry. The tasks included: Network engineering: the complete networking of a production plant with firewall, router, PLC, as well as computer interfacing. Firewall control, routing swichting in the industrial area Automation technology: Programming of PLC modules in KUP, FUP or AWL. The electrical commissioning of a Siemens S7 plant with Festo sensors and Festo pneumatic moving parts. Information Technology: The plant communicated with a Festo MES system via TCP/IP. Interfaces to various programs had to be established via API automation software. In MES system, orders can be started or finished at any station. The database is open and can be written to and read by external programs via SQL commands (e.g. order entry from ERP system). Work instructions for manual workstations can be created or adapted at any time. The individual controllers communicate with the MES system via TCP/IP. The MES system also has browser-based user interfaces. This allows several users to work on the system simultaneously using different devices such as tablets. Among other things, the user interface makes it possible to track processing steps and assign stock items. All status information is automatically updated in the browser.

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