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Management Solution

Author(s): ALPSCALE

Through a development partnership with the company CoPacking Solutions GmbH, we were able to develop software together with customers that is used in the logistics industry.

User management and access control

Through an easy to use roles and rights system, we have jointly enabled the customer to develop a user administration that is easily expandable and scalable. The user can create a user with a few clicks and assign him the appropriate role, the roles can include several activations that affect the presentation of the individual pages in the software and can be adapted to the needs.

Order planning

Order planning is the core element of this software, orders can be created and managed here. Through features such as status management, delivery note generation, in-process controls, NextCloud integration, everyone in the company benefits from this software. Management Solution can be used on multiple sites so that the management at each site only sees the data that is relevant to that site. By scheduling orders in the future, the workload of the operation can be visualized, and the site-based functionality also allows the company to view the workload of an individual site.



In the dashboard, users can see at a glance the outstanding work steps for orders, the sales trend and various allocation statistics. Due to the customizable rights, the dashboard can look different for each role, for example, for the role of management the dashboard can look different than for an area worker.

dashboard 1
dashboard 2

Time tracking system

With the time booking system, employees have a simple designed page that allows them to book their time based on orders. The users can easily evaluate their total hours at the end of the month, statistics can be easily created. Since not every employee has his own PC, the software is also optimized for mobile working.


Master data management

Through our innovative master data management, it is possible to create and manage customer data quickly and easily. We use "Best-Practise" experiences directly from the customer to reduce the master data exactly to what really makes sense.


Ticket system

With the help of our integrated ticket system, it is optimal for the customer as well as the development team to report problems and solve them through a maintenance contract with guaranteed response time.


Server and security

The software was developed to run redundantly on multiple server nodes, implemented with Docker container technology, should an unpredictable event cause the application to break, it will be taken over and restarted by another server node within 0.5 seconds. The software has also been equipped with SSL certifacts to enable secure communication to the user. A firewall has also been integrated to keep evil "intruders" out.